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About Us

The Irish Electric Bicycle Association was formed as a sister association to the British Electric Bike Association (BEBA) by the leading  Retailer of Electric Bikes in Ireland to provide membership services for manufacturers, distributors and stores. Most importantly to educate the public about the benifits of buying from a IEBA accredited retailer.

IEBA’s Mission: ‘To create a climate of opinion at all levels that is favourable to EABs (Electric Assisted Bicycles) of all types’.

IEBA is an industry association to promote the use of Electric Assisted Bicycles. Efforts will be focussed on educating consumers about the benefits of electric bicycles, giving them an ‘industry stamp’ of accreditation and recognition. IEBA are also to inject confidence into the market to help manufacturers secure retail outlets and ultimately increase sales.

To ensure consistency in the level of service and quality of product provided to consumers and dealers, IEBA will create an industry standard for both product service / training delivery. IEBA will form affiliations and partnerships with relevant trade organisation’s and lobbying groups where their aims and objectives overlap.

All members will work together as a unified voice to challenge restrictive legislative changes, to drive positive regulatory and law changes and to campaign for an increase in the uptake of the Cycle to Work scheme and stop the use of thrid party voucher companies.

IEBA seeks to collate, monitor and provide definitive market data on EAB’s to become the authoritative source of reliable, consistent and independently vetted UK/Ireland market data.

As a self-regulatory trade body, IEBA Members subscribe to an industry code of practice. IEBA has four core values:

     1.Develop and grow the EAB market
     2.Education and positive promotion of e-cycling

     3.Lobbying and public affairs for its members
     4.Fair business practice and consumer protection

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